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The Valentia Island Energy project is led by permanent residents and natives to the island who are keenly aware of the cultural and environmental significance of Valentia and it surrounding seas.

The proposed location of the Valentia Island Offshore Renewable Energy Array has been carefully selected to have minimal impact on all key environmental, heritage, tourism, fishing and shipping contexts in the seas surrounding Valentia.

The proposed site is more than 22 km off the West coast of Valentia in deep waters. It will therefore be visually and physically distant from the UNESCO heritage site of the Skelligs.

The location

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Our Committment to ensuring the project is in harmony with the environment

The sea depths in the identified site area do not permit fixed foundation wind turbines on the sea bed. This is in fact a benefit to the environment, as the impact of floating offshore platform turbines is far less.

Fisheries Survey

Fishing is a critical part of the life of South West Kerry. Its employs many families and provides a vital pillar of a vibrant economy. Our project site has been selected with these facts very much in mind. However, to ensure that this is provably the case, we are conducting an exhaustive study into every aspect of the projects potential impacts on fisheries. 


The Coasts and seas of Southwest Ireland are key habitats for birds. We are very conscious that out offshore array is located carefully so that it does not affect this bird-life. Our investigation site is therefore far-shore in deep waters, away from nesting and key feeding sites.

Marine Life

Valentia Island Energy are committed to maintaining biodiversity and caring for the many beautiful animal species that inhabit the seas around our coastline. We will ensure that our project will not negatively affect these natural riches.  

Archaeological Survey

We are carrying out detailed archaeological surveys on the site, including any locations where it is necessary to lay cables. This work is carried out by a qualified independent professional.

Sea Floor Life

Benthic surveys provide details on the distribution and extent of marine sea-floor communities and habitats located within the proposed application area. Repeated surveys pre-construction and post-construction will be carried out if it is deemed necessary.

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